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We are out of the norm bunch. Seeking People who have interest in people and getting to know more on this vast world. We are a different bunch in a sense that we run things differently. We are not like the usual bunch if you feel that you have a unique mind that you would like to bring, we would like to hear from you.

About Company

Polymorph Recruitment was founded to fill in the gap between the
group of company’s and it’s employees and eventually grew into a full
fledge recruitment and all in one human resource needs

Build on the core values of TIE, on the broader scale of it is to bring
the team and companies together each letter have it’s own
representation of Trustworthy, Integrity and Empathy

The company strive on these set of values that Companies can have trust in us so
that we can deliver their needs To show integrity, by being honest and
making sure each of our clients is taken to the utmost care and lastly
to show empathy and understanding of all the stakeholders to have
the understanding of growing together

Our team members comprise of experiences in this field for almost 20
Years and each with their own specialty in each field be it
manufacturing, construction, retail, accounting firms, law firms,
hospitals, media, engineering and more

Our goal is make our recruitment partners stronger than their


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