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School of Careers is a graduate finishing school providing education that is relevant, affordable, and job-guaranteed. Universities in Malaysia partner with us to prepare their graduates before they enter the workforce.

About Company

Welcome to the School of Careers.

Over the years, Talentbank has connected thousands of candidates with amazing employers through new and innovative ways. Throughout this experience, we seek to enable more youths and adults in getting their dream jobs by upskilling and reskilling today’s learners into becoming the best of the best in their respective industries.

The School of Careers is an extension of the same journey.

Not everyone is born a doctor or destined to be a lawyer. But at the School of Careers, we believe that everyone deserves a well-paying job and that every single individual has their inner potential that can be nurtured and developed.

As we move towards a digital age, with digitalization the new normal in the coming decades, the skills required by employers have evolved rapidly and will continue to evolve over time. Our fear is that a conventional theory-based education system may leave Malaysian job-seekers behind. This is why the concept of competency-based learning has become increasingly crucial in producing highly skilled workers that can contribute to building a nation of a high-quality workforce.

This is where we hope the School of Careers – a competency-based learning educational institution that aims to produce a high-quality workforce and future leaders – can help our youth, graduates, and job-seekers keep up with the pace of change in the world we live in.

As a strong believer that anyone can achieve success, We want to give everyone the opportunity to better themselves and receive an equal chance to succeed. And it is our profound hope that the School of Careers can achieve that goal.

Today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders.