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Founded in , SPDM offers a comprehensive range of scientific testing equipment and consumables that consists over 200 different types of products to microbiology laboratories. Our expertise in the supply of consumables, instrumentation, and laboratory products for scientific applications is backed up by our experienced and highly qualified service team, offering you unparalleled experience and a unique level of support for all your purchases. Aligning with its mission to enable innovation and advancement in the life and industrial sciences, and by combining an in-depth collaborative approach with best practices, protracted experience, and expertise, SPDM offers top-notch products for Microbiology studies, Analytical chemistry, General equipments and disposables, and a host of laboratory set up projects, to a diverse array of industries including but not limited to government/private hospitals, F & B manufacturers, commercial testing centers as well as learning institutes and universities. In our quest to differentiate ourselves from competitors and add value to our customers, manufacturers and suppliers products, we strive to offer a top-notch level of service throughout the sales process, combining both our technical expertise and years of experience with customer application support, Information technology, and on-going maintenance. SPDM also provides turnkey solutions which include product advisory and customization. These services are rendered before purchasing or installing products, or onsite product training. This means you get the necessary support at every stage of the product lifecycle. This added value is achieved by diligently comprehending the business challenges of our clients, identifying the commercial opportunities, and leveraging on our resources to build and supply enhanced products and systems to deliver a desired outcome.

About Company

SPD Scientific offers a comprehensive range of top-notch laboratory consumables, test-kits reagents, biomedical and laboratory equipment, and a host of microbiology culture media and diagnostic products. The company offers myriad benefits to customers in wide ranging industries, such as F&B sector, pharmaceutical, academic and government research institutions, and healthcare, by providing them the essential tools to assist in their medical research and discoveries.

Within the healthcare industry, our products are used in clinics, blood banks, and hospital for research and analysis in the areas of microbiology, haematology, immunohisto-chemistry, and biochemistry. Our expertise is backed up by our experienced and highly qualified service team, offering you an unparalleled experience and a unique level of support for all your purchases.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by the value add we bring to our customers by providing a seamless level of quality service from pre-sales to post-sales support. Leveraging on our technical expertise wrought through years of experience, we seek the highest quality level in customer application support, information technology, and on-going maintenance. Meeting and surpassing all the industry safety compliance in our products is paramount for us.

We supply top-notch biomedical equipment, which is used to examine specimens such as tissue and blood donations, in order to garner more information in the following areas:

Concerning a congenital abnormality
Concerning a pathological or physiological condition
To monitor therapeutic measures
To determine the compatibility and safety with potential recipients
Furthermore, we are industry leaders for disposable reagents and test-kits. These reagents, such as albumin, urea, and glucose are indispensable in biochemistry testing in chemical laboratories, when used in conjunction with the biomedical equipment to trigger a chemical reaction. Our test kits are used on specimens under specific conditions for the presence of bacteria and viruses, and in identifying antibodies and blood group types.