Data Center Supervisor/ Support

Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad
Full Time

Job Description

Job Description

  • Ensures daily batch of all systems are run correctly by the Shift Leaders and Computer Operators.
  • Checks and monitors daily job sheets for discrepancies.
  • Performs scheduling and ensures sufficient manpower is available to perform daily tasks.
  • Tabulates monthly statistics for all applications.
  • Performs software deployment to Production systems.
  • Updates and maintains report distribution table.
  • Ensures the senior operators train the new staff.
  • Ensures all updates to job sheets are obtained from the respective App Support and are versioned.
  • Participates in DR runs.
  • Performs the Control Self Assessment for Data Centre.
  • Ensures physical and data security of DC is managed based on the procedures.
  • Assigned member to hold part of sensitive IDs (for dual control).
  • Ensures timely escalation and follow-up of all reported incidences by the subordinates to the respective Support group.
  • Ensures sufficient consumables are available for DC use.
  • Ensures the management of the DC infrastructure is maintained in accordance to procedures set.
  • Ensures the physical security is managed in accordance to procedures set.
  • Assists in implementing process improvements to the daily tasks.
  • Ensures the documentations on the DC facility configurations are up to date.
  • Ad – Hoc Project Management

Job Requirement

  1. Skills
    • Ability to understand and solve operational problems.
    • The need to work independently, 24 x 7.
    • Ability to schedule and manage manpower to run shift work.
    • Strong communication skills to successfully manage the in house teams
  2. Knowledge
    • Familiarity with Bank’s policies and procedures
    • Business domain knowledge
    • Regulatory requirements
    • IT Governance
  3. Experience
    • Exposed to various operating systems, eg. OS400, HP-UX, SUN Solaris, Windows series
    • 5 years experience of which 1 year in-depth managerial experience in Data Centre Operations.
    • Sound judgment and prompt problem solving

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