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School of Careers
Remote Contractual

Job Description

READ before you apply

We are looking for passionate people who share a common goal of building the nation’s employability.

School of Careers is a competency-based educational institution initiated by Talentbank that intends to provide education that is relevant, affordable, and most importantly jobs guaranteed.

Here at the School of Careers, we are committed to not only developing youths with the right skills and knowledge to perform the job function but to preparing them to be our future leaders.

As the job market gets more and more competitive each year, the conventional method of pursuing a tertiary education becomes saturated as graduates compete with other degree holders for a position in the market. In addition to this rising concern, many graduates lack experience in the working life causing them to not be able to perform well in their field of work or be underqualified for the job position.

Therefore, as an alternative approach to the conventional ways, we are looking for industry practitioners, retired CEOs, business owners, and passionate people who are looking to build the nation’s employability by connecting students to a real-world classroom and exposing them to the experience of career life so that they will be career-ready within a year.

If you are an expert in your field, join us as a Mentor in empowering the lives of Malaysian students to improve the nation’s employability. Turn your technical expertise, “real-world” experience, and professional skills into a rewarding part-time teaching opportunity.

This is

✅ suitable for practitioners from any industry on a contract, part-time or full-time basis
✅ suitable for retired CEOs
✅ suitable for business owners who are interested in train and building their talent pipeline

We are looking for mentors in the area of

✅ Accounting
✅ Business
✅ Computing
✅ Engineering
✅ Entrepreneurship
✅ Hospitality
✅ Human Resources
✅ Logistics
✅ Marketing


✅ You are eager to improve the nation’s employability rate
✅ Passionate in transferring your knowledge to the youths
✅ Believe that learning should be 70% hands-on, 30% theory
✅ You have at least 5 years of working experience in any industry

Your responsibilities

✅ To transfer your professional knowledge and life experience to the unemployed graduates
✅ Share market insights with the graduates
✅ Prepare the youths to make them employable

Huge advantage if you…

✅ Familiar with Zoom, Google Meet, MS Team, or Webex
✅ Have teaching experience in the past

What are your benefits?

✅ Be a part of nation-building
✅ Meet other mentors and professionals
✅ Learning while you teach
✅ Focus on course execution
✅ Make allowances while teaching

Good to know:

✅ Company name: School of Careers by Talentbank
✅ Business vertical: Education
✅ To find out more:
✅ Your location: Remote basis (You can be based anywhere in/out of Malaysia)
✅ Teaching hours: ; 10pm on weekdays
✅ Other Perks: Flexi hours, tech-based business operations

Whom are we looking for?

We are looking for like-minded pioneers to join our tight-knit family. If you are as excited as we are to build and grow a platform that empowers and helps these leaders of tomorrow find their true career calling, apply now and join us in making a difference together!

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